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Laura an der ISM Dortmund

My semester abroad at ISM Dortmund

For me, the choice to do my semester abroad in Germany was an easy decision to make. The International School of Management interested me very much. I got a good insight from the website about the student life and the courses they had to offer and I became very excited. At that moment I knew that ISM and Dortmund would suit me perfectly. And I wasn’t wrong. [...]

Career in the Fashion Industry Part I: Gaining First Experience


Many fashion enthusiasts dream of making a career in the fashion industry. In fact, the versatile fashion sector offers many job opportunities beyond modeling and design. ISM students Xinchi Luo and Valerie Wörner from the Global Brand and Fashion Management program have already gained first insights in the industry and told us about their job experiences.


A life of multitasking at Europe's biggest logistic hub: Master student Vipul Chouhan about his work and study life in Frankfurt


Vipul Chouhan was doing a lot of multitasking at the final months of his studies at ISM. The 26 years old master student was gaining work experience at the machinery manufacturing company Schenck Ro Tec in Darmstadt, while completing his master in logistics and supply chain management at ISM Frankfurt. After finishing his master, he has joined Beckman Coulter gmbh, Munich as the senior procurement analyst. In the interview, Vipul tells us about his study-experience at ISM and his life in Frankfurt.


Paris and Munich – Karime’s adventures in the world of fashion


Two study locations, two renowned universities and countless new experiences – Did you know that you can obtain two degrees during your Master's studies? In our interview, ISM student Karime shares her experiences. [...]


From the USA to Munich – an international student at ISM


Settling into life as an international student in a new country is not always easy. I am talking from personal experience, having spent most of my life in the USA and having become accustomed to the lifestyle there. After moving to Munich, my entire world changed. [...]


Mentoring: Boosting your own career


Digitalization, transformation, new work: The new world of work needs managers who are able to drive the development of companies. Mentoring is an effective instrument for the targeted promotion of young professionals and the development of executives. [...]


More than just dealing with people: My HR internship at Allianz Technology SE


The 6th semester of my studies abroad at ISM and graduation is around the corner. Time to look back. One of my highlights was definitely the internship at Allianz Technology SE, which is part of the international insurance company Allianz SE. In this post, you'll read why the internship was a great experience for me and what I learned for my future career. [...]


Life in the financial center of Europe: As an international student at ISM Frankfurt


Business is always an endless gold mine, and you never know how much power you have until you enter the business world. And that stepping stone to success is business school. The first night in Frankfurt, I was sure that this is the city where I want to spend my college life. [...]


Learning without limits: ISM’s PhD program


It is also possible to gain a postgraduate doctorate with ISM in cooperation with four internationally renowned and accredited partner universities. Mijka Ghorbani is currently completing a doctorate as part of the PhD program with the University of Strathclyde in Scotland. We spoke to her about her love of research and the path to her doctorate. [...]


Straight from Peru: ISM student brings fair specialty coffee to Germany


Did you know that coffee can taste of peach, honey and dark chocolate? International Management student Yara Flores has been involved in the world of specialty coffee for quite a while and has even launched her own company in this field. [...]


Burst the bubble – studying HR management at ISM


Makiese Allé is studying Human Resources Management & Digital Transformation at ISM. When she tells her fellow students about her professional experience in the tourism industry, most are pretty surprised to say the least. From hotel specialist to HR manager – how does that fit together? [...]


What makes your culture unique? Perspectives from ISM students


Your studies at ISM are international. And we are not only talking about your semester abroad and the lecturers from various countries: In your seminars, you can get to know other students from many different cultures. That’s a great preparation for the globalized working world of the future and opens up new insights and perspectives for you.[...]


A semester abroad in the city of romance


Living in Paris would be a dream come true for you? Then take the chance and spend your semester abroad there like I did. […]


Careers in logistics


In short, if you work in logistics, you make sure customers worldwide receive their products without delay, thus ensuring everything is working as it should be – supermarket shelves are fully stocked, orders arrive on schedule and firms continue to produce at full capacity. [...]


Landing your dream job via LinkedIn: International ISM graduate starts at Siemens


Networking, posting and commenting: If you make clever use of career platforms such as LinkedIn and Xing, you can attract attention and land a job even without a traditional job application. [...]


A career between digitalisation and sustainability


Digitalisation is often associated with consuming a high amount of energy and resources. Can it also advance sustainability and environmental protection? “Definitely!” [...]

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