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Two study locations, two renowned universities and countless new experiences – with the Double Degree you can obtain two degrees during your Master's studies: one from the International School of Management and one from our international partner universities.
Karime Celic Gervacio Neri has just finished her studies in Luxury, Fashion & Sales Management at ISM Munich and the INSEEC Business School in Paris. For her, the degree offered the chance to get practical insights into the luxury sector and expand her network. In our interview, she gives insights into her study life and shares her personal highlights.

What was the most memorable practical project you were working on during your time at ISM and INSEEC?Karime in Paris

Wow, I couldn't name only one. Many professors gave us the opportunity to have a glimpse into very exclusive events such as the Paris Fashion Week.
The Open Innovation Challenge Week was an exciting project in which we had the opportunity to work with Hermès, the luxury French Maison. Within this week, several groups of students are given the challenge to innovate for the designated company in any way possible; this might be an idea, an item, or any expansion of the company desired. This challenge really is amazing, as we had the chance to work with a partner mentor of the company, who could give us feedback along the process. At the end of the week, we presented our concept in front of a panel of jurors composed of board members of several luxury companies. This project does not only contribute to our creativity but also gives us the chance to expand our network, increasing the opportunities to enter the job we would like in the future.

What helped you most to reach your goals?

It was incredible to see how thoughtfully structured the learning sessions and all the learning material were. What I liked the most was that for every module, the ISM made sure to hire a professional and expert in that field who could be responsible for teaching the learning material but also give us a glimpse of how those things are put into practice in the respective field.

Do you feel like your studies have prepared you for working life?

Definitely! And this is also one of the things I liked about studying at the ISM, the people responsible for each and every module really dedicated the time to sharing not only the theory about their specialties but also how all this could contribute to an overall goal within a luxury fashion company. We also dive deep into crisis situations in order to share knowledge about how to handle them. So, no matter what type of crisis I might face in my working environment, I am definitely prepared to handle it.

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What is a moment during your studies you like to think back to?

To be honest, I think the whole two years I was enrolled in the program. I like to think back to my first day as a student at the ISM. Even though the pandemic didn’t allow us to have classes at the campus in Munich for more than one month, it was really nice to get to know our professors and fellow students face to face. Memorable were also all the late-night sessions we shared with fellow students and professors within our schedule, sharing our knowledge with a glass of wine on a Friday afternoon. Last but not least, the graduation, which marked the culmination of all the dedication over the last two years.

Do you think a dual degree is harder than doing a single degree?

Definitely! To give you just one example: In my fourth and last semester, the INSEEC required me to do a full-time internship while elaborating my research thesis. This required a lot of hard work and long nights after work. But I think that these requirements allowed me to reinforce my organizational skills and contributed so much to my professional and personal growth. So yes, I would say that the degree is harder than a regular degree, but the satisfaction is also double-sized.Shopping in Paris

Which advice would you give to others who are thinking about doing a double master’s degree?

It would be a lie to say don’t think about it and do it because it requires a lot of preparation and organization, but if you think that you can manage stress, I would definitely recommend it! In the case of Luxury, Fashion & Sales Management it really is worth it, as you will be a graduate from two very renowned universities, one French and one German, which of course adds value to your CV. It is also a very enriching experience in which you have the opportunity to learn from many inspiring people who will expand your horizons and make you want to grow on a personal and professional level.

What are your next steps after graduation?

I have started as Sales Coordinator at the luxury brand MCM in November. I am very excited about this opportunity and looking forward to the new experiences! The hard work within the Double Degree definitely paid off!

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