ISM International Business CertificateThe ISM International Business Certificate program is designed for students with a strong interest in a study abroad semester at a German university. The program offers students individual support and academic guidance. The certificate allows students who do not speak German at an advanced level to take business classes in English and earn ECTS credits during their stay at the ISM. As a prerequisite we expect students to have a B2 level of English.


The ISM Business Certificate can be studied at each of the five ISM campuses:

The program consists of six core modules and six specialized modules, each consisting of two courses worth 5 ECTS credits. Students enrolled in the ISM Business Certificate program can earn 30 ECTS credits in one semester or 60 ECTS credits in two semesters by taking one core module and one specialization module per semester.


Core Modules

These modules are mandatory.


The Dortmund Campus offers the following two core modules:

  • Module 1: Project Management, Operations Management, Strategic Management, International Business Law.
  • Module 2: Strategic Controlling, Crisis Management, Branding and Communication Management and Doing Business in a Global Economy.

The Frankfurt Campus offers the following core module:


  • Module 3: Business Ethics, Business Planning – Theory & Exercises, Moderation & Presentation and Capital Markets.

The Munich Campus offers the following core module:


  • Module 4: International Trade and Sales, Strategic Management, Global Communications, International Finance Management.

The Hamburg Campus offers the following core module:


  • Module 5: Marketing Controlling, International Finance Management, Strategic Controlling, International Trade and Sales.

The Cologne Campus will offer from spring 2016 the following core module:


  • Module 6: Strategic Controlling, Branding & Communications Management, Crisis Management, Doing Business in a Global Economy.