Digitalisation is often associated with consuming a high amount of energy and resources. Can it also advance sustainability and environmental protection? “Definitely!” says ISM alumnus Santosh Wadwa. “Data analysis can point out where there is still potential for improvement and reveal wasteful processes,” explains Santosh. As Head of Product Channel Sales at Fujitsu Central he is confronted with the interdependence of digitalization and sustainability on a daily basis. He is particularly interested in the ways in which companies themselves can support this development. “The times in which sustainability was just part of a marketing strategy are definitely over.”

There are more possibilities than you might think

Digital solutions have one decisive advantage: They can provide information that uncovers where sustainable measures are necessary and how they could be implemented. For this, there are several examples: “By improving the search for raw materials, routes of transport get shorter and with more efficient solutions for offices and data processing centers, we can save energy.” By planning supply chains more efficiently the emission of CO2 can be reduced. At the same time data-driven production cycles make it possible to conserve natural resources in production. “Digitalization is the key to a more sustainable world!”

Studying Sustainability Management

Implementing these changes does not only impact the carbon footprint, it can also mean saving costs for companies while the measures increase the company’s brand image. So why are many companies still hesistant about adopting these changes? "New processes, of course, mean that what we're used to doing on a daily basis changes," Santosh explains. "In addition, a higher initial investment is often required." Nevertheless the ISM alumnus is sure: Getting consultants’ advice in the field of sustainability management offers many advantages. So the ISM Master's program M.A. Sustainability & Business Transformation comes just at the right time: "I'm very happy that my former university ISM now also offers a degree in Sustainability Management and makes a statement for people, nature and business."

Santosh Wadwa has completed his diploma in business management at ISM Dortmund in 2005. After this, he was working in different positions at Fujitsu Technology Solutions and is currently managing a department with more than 160 employees that is responsible for sales with key accounts, medium-sized customers and system houses.

Lara Tautz

Lara Tautz

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