ISM Career CenterThe Career Center gives students advice on finding internships and entry-level positions in Germany and abroad and gives them the tools they need to do so. In personal discussions, Career Center coordinators identify each student's career options and targets and use a wide variety of tools (optimizing their application documents, for instance) to help students achieve their career objectives.

To ensure that the tuition that students receive is rigorously geared to practical needs, the ISM works closely with enterprises from various industrial sectors. By organizing company presentations, case studies and other events, the Career Center offers students a broad platform upon which they can build up and extend their own networks.

There are many ways in which alumni, too, can make use of the ISM's services after they have graduated. A variety of event formats - such as Alumni After Work@ISM - are geared specifically to the needs of former students. Graduates can thus connect with other ISM alumni, students, lecturers and staff or the ISM's corporate partners, and extend or deepen their networks.


Right from the very first semester, the Career Center helps ISM students to draw up resumes and cover letters and get ready to tackle job interviews.
That is why all new students attend the "Introduction to job applications and recruiting" course where they learn about and discuss the different ways in which they can apply for a job. The current conventions regarding the contents, format and length of resumes and cover letters are addressed at this event, and students also find out how the right photograph can make all the difference.

Additionally, students can make an individual appointment with a Career Center coordinator at any time if they have any questions concerning their application. This can help them to develop possible career plans and long-term strategies, or customize their application documents to suit a particular career opportunity.

ISM students can find out all about suitable companies for internships, the names of contacts, duties and specific projects by consulting the internship database on the ISM's intranet. This database comprises personal reports by all the ISM students who have already completed an internship in Germany or abroad. Fellow students are also a valuable source of tips and advice on internships.

Students seeking specific internships or student traineeships need look no further than the job portal on the ISM's intranet and the notices displayed at the ISM campuses, where the Career Center often posts attractive internships that the ISM regularly receives from the corporate sector.

Career Entry

ISM Career CenterAlongside the individual advice offered by the Career Center coordinators, there are many other ways in which students can make sure that their careers will get off to the best possible start.

In the "Writing job applications" workshop, ISM students find out what criteria they need to meet and which special factors they should consider when applying for a job in the English-speaking world. Students in higher semesters in particular receive assessment center training to prepare them for this commonly used form of selecting employees.

The ISM's intranet is a useful source of information for students throughout their course of study. Important information on careers-related topics is regularly posted under "Notices" (Meldungen). A collection of links to job websites and portals for individual industries around the world is available here.

Towards the end of their study programs, final-year students at ISM have the option of uploading detailed applicant profiles to the intranet graduate portal. The ISM's corporate partners already have access to these profiles before students graduate.

Besides the graduate portal, the intranet job portal also contains numerous up-to-date advertisements for entry-level positions in Germany and abroad.