how to study in Germany for Indian students
Advantages of studying in Germany at ISM for Indian students

Germany offers Indian students an irresistible blend of high-quality education, a wide range of study options and English taught-programs. By studying in Germany at ISM you will be gaining exposure to innovative teaching methods, practical contents and a global network of students, professors and alumni. With the opportunity to learn new languages (such as German) and immerse in a vibrant culture, your career prospects will soar. Don't miss out on the chance to enhance your resume and study experience of Germany. Unlock the door to world-class education by exploring the wide range of internationally recognized study programs that we offer at seven campuses in Germany.

Strong emphasis on practical learning and industry connections

ISM is known for its emphasis on practical learning, ensuring that you don't just grasp the theory, but also excel in real-world applications. Imagine having direct access to internships and networking opportunities with some of the top industry companies.

As an Indian student in Germany, you'll be in the perfect spot to bridge classroom knowledge and industry skills, setting you up for a successful international career. Furthermore, all ISM degree programs contain a compulsory semester abroad in another European country or overseas. Varying by academic program, you can pick from up to 190 partner universities abroad the favorite one for your semester abroad.

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Large selection of internationally recognized business degrees

With a focus on innovation and practical experience combined with theoretical knowledge, German institutions are hotspots for academic excellence and opportunities. ISM (International School of Management) is renowned for its world-class education system and high academic standards, and our programs are consistently ranked among the best in the country and in Europe.

At ISM, Indian students can choose from a wide range of programs taught 100 percent in English, covering various fields of study, from international management, logistics, business intelligence and data science up to digital marketing, fashion and brand management or sports management.

Your successful Indian high school diploma gives you many options of studying in Europe. But with so many different courses of study, it is becoming increasingly difficult for school graduates to filter the offers according to their own interests and personal strengths. You can narrow down your search of the perfect degree by considering your academic interests, future career goals, preferred city to live in (at ISM you can choose between seven campuses) and the language of instruction (English or German).

Find the right study program for you

At ISM, you can study business administration, management as well as business analytics and data science related programs in a variety of programs and study models.  All programs are FIBAA and AACSB-accredited and enjoy international as well as national recognition. You can start a full-time degree course and concentrate fully on your studies in Germany or integrate your job and studies into your life with online studies. You don't know yet whether a full-time or distance learning online program is best for you? No problem, take a look at the overview below and find the study program that best fits your circumstances.

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General requirements to study in Germany for Indian students

For Indian students dreaming of studying in the heart of Europe, understanding the admission requirements is crucial. Starting with a recognized secondary school certificate, you'll need to showcase your academic path.

If your looking to get a master's degree, get ready to present your bachelors degree credentials. Language proficiency is key; you might need to prove your command of German or English, depending on your program. Don’t forget, a valid passport and a student visa are your tickets to this journey. Dive into the specifics of the requirements for Master programs in Germany for Indian students and take the first step towards your global education.

Eligibility requirements for undergraduate studies (Bachelor) in Germany for Indian students

ISM offers a diverse range of Bachelor programs tailored to provide an exciting educational journey for Indian students pursuing undergraduate studies in Germany. If you're dreaming of spending your Bachelor studies in the heart of Europe, you have to meet certain eligibility requirements. First, ensure your higher secondary education is recognized – this means your 10+2 certificate must be equivalent to the German Abitur. Other eligibility criteria typically include a sound academic record, proficiency in English, and meeting some university-specific qualifications. At ISM we also require you taking an online aptitude test in Mathematics and English (if you do not hold an internationally-recognized English language certificate).

Englisch language proficiency is also required. For applying at ISM you'll need to demonstrate a solid command of the English language, through tests like IELTS, TOEFL or other English language certificates. If you do not have an English certificate, you can take an English test online as part of our admission process. At ISM we also require Bachelor applicants to take an online aptitude test in Mathematics prior to their admission interview day.

At most universities even if you meet the admission requirements, you will often not be able to enrol directly as most popular degree courses in Germany usually have certain restrictions called Numerus Clausus (NC). At most universities will have to go through a selection process based on these restrictions, but, this is not the case at ISM! You can apply at ISM without NC and we can guarantee that you get a study spot as long as you meet our eligibility criteria. Simply check the page of your desired study program for more information.

Also, at ISM you do not have to go through any third party, you can apply directly at our university via our student advisors who will guide you step-by-step in order to make sure that your application is successfull. We will gladly check for you if you send us your documents.

Take the first step today towards your dream bachelor's degree in Germany! For more information, contact our Bachelor study advisors.

Eligibility requirements for postgraduate studies (Master) in Germany for Indian students

To be eligible to pursue a master's degree (Ms) in Germany, Indian students typically need a relevant bachelor's degree with good grades, proof of language proficiency in English (and/or German if you intend to study in German language), and the passion to thrive in a diverse cultural environment. You may also require specific qualifications depending on your chosen course such as a specific number of ECTS points that you received during your initial degree for a specific subject (such as business-related classes, or marketing etc.).

What we require from you when you apply at ISM is: a successfully completed Bachelor's degree (transcript of records), comprising at least 180 ECTS points or an equivalent course of study at a university or university of applied sciences or a foreign university of equivalent level, and examinations must be at least 30 ECTS points in the field of business sciences. Other documents that you have to include are: Copy of your passport, a digital photo, your curriculum vitae (CV) and a letter of motivation explaining your desired study program what goals you wish to pursue.If you have an English language certificate, you also have to submit it to our admission portal, such as an IELTS score of 6.0 (only needed, if the medium of instruction in your university is not English or if your Bachelor is older than 5 years).

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your career with a German Master's degree at ISM. Start preparing now and send your documents to us for a quick eligibility check. Request more information via our student advisors.

How to apply for our German university from India

Embarking on your academic journey in Germany begins with a straightforward, online application process.

Step 1: First, choose your preferred degree from the course catalogue or our university website. Next, check if you meet the university's eligibility criteria above, such as having a Bachelor's or first degree that entitles you to study in Germany and a level corresponding to the B2 level (upper intermediary) as regards your English language skills.

Step 2: Apply for an admission "test" date online (register here) and subsequently fill out the online application form on our university website. We do not accept applications by post or in person, just online. Pay attention to application deadlines for students who come from non-EU countries. We kindly ask Indian students who need a study visa for Germany to submit their full application and take the admission test no later than July 15 for the programs starting in the fall and no later than December 15 for the programs that start in the spring term.

Step 3: Gather your available documents such as transcripts of your grades (transcript of records), Bachelor's degree (if already available), write your CV, and make sure that you have a valid passport. Also, don't forget to prepare a compelling motivational letter. We are interested to get to know you better, your background the motivation for your studies. If you're in doubt whether you have everything you need for a successful application, please send the documents to one of the study advisors prior to applying for admission on the website. They will gladly perform a quick fast check before they give you green light to upload them online.

Step 4:  Depeding whether you are a Bachelor, Master or MBA applicant, prior to your admission day you will either have to take an online Maths and English test beforehand (Bachelor), or prepare a case study that you upload online (Master).

Step 5: Show up for your admission day online. You will receive an email confirming your admission test day on which you will have an interview with faculty staff. Once you've had your interview, you await the admission committee's decision.

Step 6: Once accepted, you can apply for a German student visa at the German Embassy in India. Note that this process might take up from a few weeks to a few months as Indian students will have to include a certificate from the Academic Evaluation Centre (APS) in their application for a student visa. This is called an APS procedure and was introduced in Germany in November 2022.

For further information, please check our application page.

Requirements and deadlines

Program entry requirements

Requirements and deadlines

For the initial check of your qualification for an ISM program, please submit the following documents:

  • School-leaving certificate (high school certificate) qualifying you to study at a high education German institution (for Bachelors)
  • Bachelor's degree (transcript of records), comprising the equivalent of 180 ECTS points (for Masters)
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Letter of motivation
  • Proof of English language skills, if available, for example TOEFL, IELTS 6.0 or other (only needed, if the medium of instruction in your high school or university is not English)
  • Passport copy and a digital photo

Upon examination and sucessful verification of your preliminary documents, you will be able to register for the online admission test.

Application period and timeframes

application period for Indian students

Whikle we do not have any strict or fixed application dates, but international applicants who require a study visa for Germany must submit their application documents by July 15th for the programs that start in fall and by December 15th for the spring semester.

Recommended application period beforehand: ca. six months to one year year before your start semester, especially if you come from a non-EU country.

Please get informed from your country' consulate how long the study visa application process currently takes and prepare acordingly.

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Cost to study in Germany for Indian students

Don't miss out on the chance to explore a diverse cultural landscape in Germany while investing in your future. You can study cost effectively in Germany without breaking the bank. As a private university and non-profit organization, ISM is financed exclusively through tuition fees. These fees are used to finance ourselves and continuously improve the quality of teaching and your access to top services.

While we are a private business schools that charges fiexed fees per semester, there are several options to finance your studies or scholarships open for you. In addition, living expenses can easily range from €700-€1,200 monthly, covering your accommodation, food, books and travel expenses. The cost of living varies largely depeding on the city chosen, with cities such as Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin or Hamburg being on the more expensive side.


You can furthermore take advantage of scholarships to study in Germany for Indian students, significantly reducing your financial load. These scholarships are designed to help you focus on your studies and immerse yourself in a new culture without the stress of hefty fees.

So don't let finances hold you back from appying! Discover the myriad of scholarship opportunities and pave your way to a future in Germany. For more information, visit:

Studying in Germany –
Your Advantages at a Glance

A Leading Nation: A reliable democracy and an important voice in world politics

Scenic Splendor: From North and Baltic Sea beaches to alpine splendor and legendary river valleys

Safe & Sound: High standard of living, prosperous economy, low crime rate and statutory health insurances that cover most medical services

Excellent Education: Internationally recognized for comprehensive training, in-depth detailed knowledge and scientific research

Stay & Prosper: Option to apply for an 18-month residence permit to find a qualified job after graduation

Enjoy & Explore: Countless ways to have fun, beautiful historical sites, rich cultural variety and easy to travel