Networking, posting and commenting: If you make clever use of career platforms such as LinkedIn and Xing, you can attract attention and land a job even without a traditional job application. ISM graduate Anshumaan Saxena from India shows how it can be done. Siemens’ head of logistics became aware of the Hamburg ISM graduate via LinkedIn. A short time later, Anshumaan started an internship at the company and was able to write his master's thesis there. After graduating, he continues his career at Siemens as a Junior Logistics Strategy Manager. Find out more about Anshumaan's time at ISM and how Siemens became aware of his LinkedIn profile in our interview!

What made you decide to study in Germany?

There were several reasons, to name just two: In Germany, you can already gain practical experience and work with companies during your studies. In India, this is not possible and thus it is difficult to build up a decent profile. In addition, Germany has one of the strongest economies in Europe and therefore offers many career opportunities for graduates.

Anshumaan Saxena in HamburgAnshumaan in Hamburg

Why did you choose to study International Logistics & Supply Chain Management at ISM?

The ISM locations are located in major cities all over Germany. That's perfect for gaining work experience and expanding your network. I never wanted to live in a small town, therefore ISM helped me with this issue. The master’s program International Logistics & Supply Chain Management is even located in Frankfurt and Hamburg, the logistics hubs of Europe.

How did your internship and master's thesis at Siemens come about?

That’s an interesting story: I posted a constructive comment on a LinkedIn post by the Siemens head of logistics and as a result I was invited for an interview. There are always many interviews taking place, but luckily I managed to get this chance.

outside famous forttemple indiaAnshumaan in his homeland Indien

You completed an international double degree with one of our partner universities. What was it like studying at Edinburgh Napier University?

If your heart also beats for science, take the chance to do the double degree at Edinburgh Napier University. Their research focus is really up to the point and they have a great resource library for the research materials.

How do you think your time abroad has helped your studies and your career?

I have learned to look at problems from multiple perspectives and have thus improved my ability to think strategically. In projects, I am often the driver of critical issues, which is not always comfortable, but is very much appreciated in the end.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to experience more of European culture and travel, which was not possible before because of Covid. At Siemens, I would like to test and expand my strategic knowledge. Of course, my goal is to make the supply chains there as successful and effective as possible. I will also keep in touch with the research area and keep on contributing through articles and papers.

Would you like to know more about our master’s program in International Logistics & Supply Chain Management? Then contact our student advisors and learn more about studying at ISM.

Kristiina Knöper

Kristiina Knöper

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