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Computer Science Engineer Indira Gosh had already been successfully working in various capacities within the IT sector in India, before she decided to pursue her MBA degree at ISM in Munich. In this blog, Indira tells us what she learnt from her MBA at ISM and how she experienced her first job in Germany at Siemens:


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I hold a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science Engineering and have had the privilege of working in various capacities in the IT industry, including roles such as Developer, Tech Lead, Business Analyst, and Marketing Manager. I have also had the gratifying opportunity to impart knowledge in STEM, Robotics, and Design Thinking at various schools across India.


Why did you choose the MBA program at ISM Munich?

ISM is a prestigious and renowned business school in Germany that has partnerships with around 190 universities worldwide. The professors are leaders in their respective fields. Teaching includes theory as well as practical projects. The topics for the full-time MBA course have been carefully selected and are highly relevant in today's business world. Not only that, but lecturers and administrative staff are extremely welcoming and helpful.


The special thing about the MBA is the personal coaching. How does this coaching work? What did you personally learn from the coaching?

The personal coaching has been a great help in personal, academic as well as professional development. My mentor was Sabine with whom I always intend to keep in touch. She is very experienced and her contribution in my life will extend beyond the MBA years. Personally, for me, her inputs were very insightful especially in the areas of exploring career options, and understanding areas of strengths and interests.


What topics did you deal with at the MBA?

At ISM in Munich, I had the privilege to learn so many subjects - from strategic management to business administration, from crisis management to change management, from intercultural leadership to business ethics and so much more - from some of the best professionals in their field! Prof. Dr. Silke Finken was a real inspiration. I could never get enough of her courses. Everyone from the teaching has left an indelible positive impression on me for which I am truly grateful. The faculty's commitment to supporting the students is truly commendable.

Our hands-on industry visits to Celonis and the Reply Group as well as our excursion to the BMW plant in Munich added a practical dimension to the teaching. The workshops led by Prof. Dr. Philipp Rathgeber on start-ups and Purple Bird Technologies on Scrum were extremely informative. Our module abroad in Barcelona, which focused on strategic marketing, proved to be fascinating and insightful. During this time we had the opportunity to develop marketing strategies using a business simulator and explore places such as the port of Barcelona and Neoroxpharm. So my time at ISM was very productive.


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How did you experience teaching and people at the ISM Campus Munich?

I will always be grateful for the high-quality education, practical experience and connections that ISM Munich provided me with. The welcoming atmosphere of the business school has given me the opportunity to develop both academically and professionally. The support and guidance from the professors helped me to understand the business world, its requirements and dependencies. The study abroad program broadened our horizons and deepened our knowledge. The courses were so interesting that I achieved almost 100 percent attendance. Overall, it was an enriching experience for me and I will always look back and say: "Thank you ISM!".


What expectations and goals did you start the MBA program with?

I am an academic at heart and the content of the curriculum for the full-time MBA program really attracted me to this course. I wanted to do an MBA to broaden my understanding of the business world and also to develop myself professionally. The MBA program at ISM Munich with its variety of topics and supportive and experienced faculty really enriched my educational journey.


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You came to Munich from India especially for the MBA program. Were you also able to gain your first professional experience in Germany?

I was also a working student at Siemens for almost the entire time I was studying. My studies in Strategic Management, Risk Management, Change Management, Corporate Finance, IT Management, etc. helped me a lot in the workplace. During my time at Siemens, I learned above all to value time, plan ahead and be efficient. I had the opportunity to work in the areas of change management, employee engagement and project management. Before coming to Germany, I also worked in multinational IT companies where the work culture was international and culture-independent.


What are your future plans?

I will remember Munich as a great place where I met amazing people. I have made some really good friends over the past year. It would be hard for me to leave. Professionally, I want to stay in the IT industry, but with a focus on the business aspects of the industry.

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The MBA in General Management program at the International School of Management, Germany (ISM)

The General Management full-time MBA offers a classic one-year program focusing on comprehensive business management. This specialized ISM MBA equips students to enhance their understanding of business administration and management, laying the foundation for a management or executive position in business. At ISM Munich and Berlin, you can study the MBA in full-time, at ISM Dortmund in part-time.


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