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What is international management?

International management is the practice of leading businesses and organisations that operate in multiple countries or have cross-border operations. International management encompasses a wide range of functions, including strategy, business administration, international marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, entrepreneurship and operations, among others. The goal of international management is to create value for the organization while balancing the needs of various stakeholders across different countries.

Is an international management programme right for me? Why join a management program in Germany?

Your successful high school diploma gives you many options. But with so many different courses of study, it is becoming increasingly difficult for young school graduates to filter the offers according to their own interests and personal strengths.

International management studies are very popular nowadays and there are several reasons why students should consider taking up international management courses in Germany. Firstly, Germany is known for its top education system and is home to some of the best business schools and management programs in Europe. Studying international management can help students develop a global, business-oriented mindset, which is essential in today's interconnected, fast-paced world.

Economics students learn about different business practices, cultures, and management strategies, enabling them to understand and navigate the decision-making complexities of the global business world. Germany's strong economy and business environment make it an ideal place to study international management, as students can gain practical experience and access to top companies and organizations, which enables a fast career development.

Still wondering what the right study programme for you is? Our study advisors will help you decide whether an international management degree is right for you, what you can expect in terms of content, what the admission requirements are and what career opportunities you will have afterwards.

Which international management degrees can you get at ISM?

You don't know yet whether a full-time or distance learning online management program is better suited for you? No problem, take a look at the program overview below and find the study program that best fits your life situation:

ISM is AACSB accredited

ISM is AACSB accredited

ISM has been recognized at the highest level by the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) and is currently the only private German university of applied sciences holding the AACSB accreditation. After years of dedicated effort, ISM has now been granted the AACSB accreditation which is an important seal of quality which certifies excellence in research and teaching. The key requirements for receiving the prestigious accreditation are: highest quality in teaching, committed lecturers who proactively support students, successful cooperation with companies and international universities as well as very good career entry opportunities for graduates. Only around six percent of all business schools worldwide received this seal. Read more

How long does an international management degree take?

As a rule, you can complete your Bachelor degree full-time in 6 semesters (3 years) and earn 180 ECTS credit points and a Master degree in 4 semesters (2 years) with 120 ECTS. A semester abroad at a partner university is an integral part of each of our full-time study programs in order to ensure expanding your intercultural competencies and knowledge base.

  • During the undergraduate degree (bachelor), you have the opportunity to complete an additional seventh semester overseas if you pick the "Global Track". This option is elective. For more information, contact our Bachelor study advisors.
  • For master applicants, ISM offers a Double Degree option, enabling you to obtain two internationally recognized master degrees while writing just one thesis. The duration of the double degree program depends on the foreign university. Request more information via our student advisory service.

Who should study international management?

Your skills

Analytical thinking
Leadership skills
Intercultural skills

Suitable for you if you are interested in:

  • People management and leadership
  • Numbers, analysis and strategical planning
  • International and inter-cultural topics
  • Seeing the bigger picture

Practice-oriented management studies means having close contact to the economy

The theoretical content you will learn throughout your management studies will be directly applied in a practical way and is geared to the needs of our partnering companies. You will work on real tasks in practical projects (case studies) and present the results to companies in a pitch. This way, you not only learn to apply your theoretical knowledge, but also train soft skills such as presentation and communication techniques as well as project and team work.

Beside this, each of our degree programmes includes at least an integrated internship as well as a semester abroad at one of our around 190 partner universities to enhance your intercultural knowledge, provide you with valuable work experience and prepare you for a truly international career. For further information, please download our information brochure.

What are your career opportunities after graduating in international management?

After successfully completing your international management program, you will enter the labor market with the important question: What opportunities do I have, what doors are open to me? An international management degree opens up a wide range of managerial career opportunities.

Graduates can pursue careers in areas such as international business development, global marketing, supply chain management, and international finance, among others. Upon successful completion of a Bachelor or Master in Management, you can work in a large variety of management positions in all fields of business management, for example as:

  • international business development manager,
  • general manager
  • business operations manager
  • human resource manager
  • marketing manager etc.

Whether you work for a global corporation, a medium-sized company or a start-up - your skills and abilities as an international business manager are in demand everywhere!

Requirements and deadlines

Program entry requirements

International management programs admission requirements

For the initial check of your qualification for a management degree program, please submit the following:

  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • School-leaving certificate qualifying you to study at a high education institution (for Bachelor programs)
  • Proof of a completed bachelor's degree (or transcript of records), comprising 180 ECTS points (for Master programs), from which at least 30 ECTS points should be in the field of business sciences.
  • Proof of language skills, for example TOEFL, IELTS or other.
  • Copy of your passport/national ID card

Upon examination and sucessful verification of your preliminary documents, you will be able to register for an ISM admission test.

Application period and timeframes

application period for international management programs

We do not have any strict application dates, but international applicants who require a study visa for Germany must submit their application documents by July 15th for the programs that start in fall and by December 15th for the spring semester.

Recommended application period beforehand: ca. six months to one year year before your start semester, especially if you come from a non-EU country.

Please get informed from your country' consulate how long the study visa application process currently takes and prepare acordingly.

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Are study programs accredited?

The International School of Management (ISM) is a private, state-recognized University of Applied Sciences established over 30 years ago and that has seven locations (campuses) in Germany. For years, the ISM has been featured at the top of various university rankings and is accredited by multiple state and regulatory agencies.


  • All our study programs meet all the strict quality requirements of the FIBAA(Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation).
  • All ISM degree programs bear the seal of quality of the Accreditation Council.
  • Unlimited state recognition: ISM is recognized by the Ministry of Science of North Rhine-Westphalia for an unlimited period of time.
  • Accreditation through the German Council of Science and Humanities.
  • All ISM online distance learning programs bear the ZFU seal of quality.
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Studying management in Germany –
Your Advantages at a Glance

A Leading Nation: A reliable democracy and an important voice in world politics

Scenic Splendor: From North and Baltic Sea beaches to alpine splendor and legendary river valleys

Safe & Sound: High standard of living, prosperous economy, low crime rate and statutory health insurances that cover most medical services

Excellent Education: Internationally recognized for comprehensive training, in-depth detailed knowledge and scientific research

Stay & Prosper: Option to apply for an 18-month residence permit to find a qualified job after graduation

Enjoy & Explore: Countless ways to have fun, beautiful historical sites, rich cultural variety and easy to travel

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ISM is AACSB accredited

Only accredited private German university of applied sciences

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