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Stuttgart is a city full of history, culture, happiness and my home town. I was born and raised in this city and would say that as a local I know many of its most beautiful sides. If you are new in Stuttgart and are asking yourself "Where can I go out to eat?", "Where can I party?" or "What is the best place for studying?", I’d like to present this guide to the sixth-largest German city to you.

Eating out

Whether it’s casual, fancy or takeout; with regard to food, you will find everything in Stuttgart. The Italian cuisine is excellent and there are various restaurants. However, there is nothing like the pizza at "Italo Disco"; a divine combination of the fluffiest Neapolitan dough and the tastiest tomato sauce, sprinkled with delicious cheese.
If you love Sushi, the Enso is a must. As a sushi lover I can guarantee you that you will not only find the best sushi here but also the best value for money. Since the food at Enso is so much in demand, a third branch was recently opened in the new Calwerpassage. Surrounded by a beautifully furnished restaurant, you feel as if you’ve been teleported to Japan.
If the tongue’s desire for something sweet becomes imperative, you should check out the city’s best cinnamon buns. You will always find a line in front of the newly opened bakery "Zeit für Brot", but I promise you: Waiting is worth it.


If you are looking for a quiet place for studying, reading or thinking, I can recommend the most beautiful library in Germany to you. The city library in Stuttgart Nord is a great and modern treasury of knowledge, the like of which you’ve probably never seen before.
The quiet atmosphere allows you to maximize your concentration and in group rooms you can let your ideas flow. From the surrounding books or computers, you can gather the necessary knowledge: You have plenty of resources to choose from. And if you need a break, you can visit Milaneo next door, shop there or eat a bite. For smaller breaks you can also use the library’s absolute highlight: the roof terrace with a view over Stuttgart.


Especially during the summer and with good weather, Stuttgart is truly a paradise. That’s what the gastronomers have understood as well: You have the possibility to sit outside nearly everywhere. Close to the town hall, you will find the cafés "Tatti", "Emilu" and "Gian Paolo e Marco", where one coffee is more delicious than the next. Aside from the drinks and small treats, the cafés also offer a nice atmosphere to sit in the sun and chat with friends.
What’s the thing you crave most during a hot summer day? Right, ice cream! In this area, Stuttgart also offers a great variety. I like to get ice cream at the "Pinguin"; a family-run business since 1986 that has a beautiful history. If you feel like ice cream with and a beautiful view, you should definitely check it out.


For a great end of the evening, Stuttgart offers a number of bars and clubs. At the bars close to the fountain "Hans im Glück Brunnen" you will meet many other students because this is our student quarter. If you want to meet new people, I would recommend bars like "Bergamot" or "Mata Hari". The "Lange Theke" is a popular bar in Stuttgart as well and offers you the possibility to shake a leg. While it is a bit quieter outside, you can also dance inside. If you really want to show off your dancing skills, I can recommend you the nightclubs "Mica", "Waranga" or "Perkins Park". Here, you can enjoy the evening to the fullest.

Living in Stuttgart sounds like something for you? Here, you can read more about the Stuttgart campus of the International School of Management.

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Kim Sonnenberg

Kim Sonnenberg studies Marketing & Communications Management at ISM Stuttgart.

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