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Study between Skyscrapers and Old Town

The Campus Frankfurt/Main was founded in 2007 and is located in the district of Sachsenhausen, directly at the South Railway Station and only two underground stations away from the city center. Around 910 students are currently enrolled at the private university in Frankfurt. Frankfurt is the city with the highest density of jobs in Germany and a major European financial and service center. Frankfurt/Main also has other important sectors such as creative industries, IT and telecommunications, biotechnology and life sciences, logistics and industry.


frank·furt·ISM [ˈfʁaŋkfʊʁt ɪzəm]

    1. […] Financial city in the Main metropolis - university linked to business.
    2. Roof terrace and view of the Frankfurt am Main skyline ("Mainhattan"). Traffic hub with international and multicultural flair, center of attraction for future-oriented companies.

As ISM, we train students to become management and business experts in close cooperation with practical experience.

Study programs available at the Frankfurt am Main Campus

As an university, the ISM offers full and part-time bachelor and master degree programs. You have the freedom of choice and can select the time model and the appropriate course of study in your field.

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ISM Campus Frankfurt/Main

Why study in Frankfurt am Main?

Mainhattan - as Frankfurt is also known because of its skyline dominated by skyscrapers - is known as an international hub, service center, banking city and for the annual book fair. The Hessian metropolis and fifth largest city in Germany is more international than other major German cities. It is precisely the unique mix of finance, business, science and culture that makes Frankfurt so exciting.

Apart from the many impressive skyscrapers in the banking district, Frankfurt also has a beautiful old town, green spaces and city oases. You can relax after lectures in the Palmengarten or visit one of the many museums on the Museumsufer, South of the Main. Cafés, restaurants and pubs invite you to enjoy the typical apple wine. A varied nightlife is also not missing in Frankfurt am Main.

When it comes to studying economics, management and business administration, Frankfurt is one of the best addresses in Germany. As a student in Frankfurt, you will benefit from the international orientation of the university, the integrated semester abroad and the good network of the ISM. Interesting internships and job opportunities, a wide range of contacts and good career entry opportunities await you. Study in Frankfurt am Main at one of the best business schools in Germany.

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ISM Campus Frankfurt/Main

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