ISM students and graduates talk about their experiences in the fashion industry

Many fashion enthusiasts dream of making a career in the fashion industry. In fact, the versatile fashion sector offers many job opportunities beyond modeling and design. ISM students Xinchi Luo and Valerie Wörner from the Global Brand and Fashion Management program have already gained first insights in the industry and told us about their job experiences.



Xinchi Luo: An insight into Christian Dior's retail brand identity

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During my internship in the sales team, I learned a lot about how a luxury boutique works both in front of and behind the scenes. I particularly enjoyed working in an international environment and the interaction within the team. Especially when it comes to teamwork, you can learn much more on the job, than in the classroom.

In my internship, I experienced firsthand how important the interaction between sales, administration and management is. For example, I was surprised to learn how important the administrative area is for a fashion brand. The administrator is responsible for all backstage and logistical matters, while the boutique managers keep an eye on the administrative and strategic aspects of the boutique and occasionally look after VIP customers. To understand the operations of a boutique from all angles, I participated in most of the retail and administrative tasks.

For the application process, it was definitely an advantage that I am studying Fashion Management. Although I see my future career more in marketing or event management, the internship at Dior was a great experience for me. Not only did I get an overview of the operations in a boutique and a better understanding of the brand identity, I also learned a lot about the luxury industry and the status quo of the luxury market after the pandemic. It was just so much fun to work for such a beautiful brand!



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Valerie Wörner: Experience as PR assistant at a luxury fashion company and the Net Talents agency

Fashion and the fashion industry have always been a great passion of mine. Whether in terms of Corona, climate crisis or the increasingly demanding society - in the fashion industry it is important to respond to trends and adapt business structures accordingly. In addition, the fashion sector is a growing market that continues to maintain its importance and beyond.

What I like most about working in public relations is that no two days are the same. It really never gets boring. The boundaries between public relations and marketing are becoming increasingly blurred. The external view of a brand depends on many factors and is influenced by various circumstances. That's what makes public relations so exciting.

One of the most important tasks of a PR assistant is contacting editors in order to place the customer's products or the brand accordingly. Writing press releases and sending out samples are also part of this. In large companies, there is also the planning of events, press trips and shootings. Nowadays, influencers and celebrities are playing an increasingly important role in the PR industry. This is because most customers are now addressed through social media, and this is also how the greatest brand awareness is achieved.

My Bachelor's degree in Global Brand and Fashion Management as well as my Master's degree in International Management helped me understand the mechanics of the industries and connections.


Valerie's TIP for you: If you want to enter the fashion industry, it's best to start as a sales advisor in a fashion store. Here you learn the basics and understand the interrelationships of the various processes of the company up to the final purchase by customers. This gives you the know-how to excel in later tasks and specializations.



fashionkarriere grafik1Are you interested in a career with international corporations? In the M.A. Luxury, Fashion & Sales Management program at the International School of Management (ISM) you will gain management skills, marketing knowledge, business models and much more with insights into the fashion industry. An integral part of all degree programs at ISM is also a semester abroad as well as an internship to assist you in your entry into the professional world. The fashion degree program can be studied at ISM Munich and Berlin.



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