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A little more than two years ago I have arrived in Germany with the goal of getting the best education possible and finding a job. Since I’ve been visiting the German School in Teneriffa and Germany has the biggest economy in Europe, the destination was clear. The timing (during the Covid-19 pandemic) and the place (Ingolstadt) were less favorable. A guy like me that has been growing up on the beaches of an island in the Atlantic wasn’t prepared to go into quarantine during the cold winter in a small city. During my stay in Ingolstadt, I made two decisions for my future: I wanted to change my degree program from International Management to Marketing and Communications Management and move to Munich.Surfers at the Eisbachwelle in München
Moving to another city was easy for me, even though I’ve met many great friends in Ingolstadt, who I hope to stay in contact with. But Munich is the city I’ve been looking for during this phase of my life. I have little doubt about that. And the change was not only relevant regarding academics and my career. There is so much to see and to do in Munich – you can even go surfing, something I have missed a lot!

Why Marketing and Communications Management?

Brands are more than logos or slogans. They convey a message. They reflect our dreams, our desires and our ambitions. They give us ideas and they inspire us every day. But the image we connect with a brand is no coincidence. It’s the result of a long process of creativity, design and customer acquisition.
Therefore, marketing and communication is a very interesting study program for me. It teaches us to use marketing tools as well as the use of social networks and media. It’s a profession that matches my personality and it also interests me because it has an important psychological component.

Also, you learn how to deal with people, how to get their attention and of course how to sell.

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A diverse sector with many job opportunities

Another reason why I have chosen marketing is that it’s a profession with a wide range of job opportunities. Additionally, Munich is an economically strong city in which many of the most important companies in Europe are located.

Marketing is everywhere and studying in a big city like Munich allows me to understand all of this much better.

Many people live here and it is the perfect place to see the work of marketing companies and thousands of consumers in action.

What’s the next step?

Once you have finished you studies, you have several possibilities to advance but, for me, the best way is to work in a company.

The good thing about studying at ISM is that you get to know many people which can make it easier to start your career.

Personally, I would find it interesting to work in a media company, in market research or in marketing analysis. Another option would be to find a job in which I can combine marketing and music. I cannot ignore my biggest hobby, the piano, or to put it more generally, music. With some luck, I will find a field in the audiovisual world in which I can apply my musical knowledge.
Finally, I can just say: I would encourage everybody who is interested in studying Marketing and Communications Management to try it, I did not regret it!
In the Master, you can also study in the study programs M.A. Strategic Marketing Management and M.A. Digital Marketing.

Bilder: Gonzalo Alba, Dima Shishkov (Unsplash), Jan Antonin Kolar (Unsplash)

Gonzalo Alba studies Marketing & Communications Management at ISM Munich.

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