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Language teaching through the language centers is an important part of ISM courses. With the languages English, Spanish, French and German we strengthen the international focus as well as the intercultural exchange within the study.


English lessons at the ISM, which are compulsory for all bachelor's students, are not just about learning a foreign language. Soft skills like presentational abilities and negotiation techniques are also taught, thereby enabling students to give presentations on business topics in English or debate effectively in the foreign language.

Since the teaching staff who are all native speakers, speak English with different dialects, students are prepared to face a multilingual and multicultural world.


Spanish is not only spoken in Spain but in more than 20 countries around the world. This diversity is also reflected at the ISM's Spanish Language Center. The Spanish lecturers are native speakers with practical business expertise and gear their tuition to the demands of working life.

All the Spanish Language Center's lectures are held in Spanish. Tuition is geared to the needs of beginners but students are expected to work hard before, during and after classes.


France is one of Germany's most important trading partners, so the demand for graduates with good French skills is steadily increasing.

French classes at the ISM prepare students to face these challenges. All our lecturers are from France and are French native speakers. Classes are held entirely in French. Students can build on their French language skills by spending time in a French-speaking country, like visiting one of the ISM's partner universities during their foreign semester.


For most of you, your stay in Germany will be the first time you come into contact with the German language. German language teaching varies depending on your particular study program.

As a visiting student you can choose between a three-week intensive course before the semester begins and the "German as a foreign language" course, which is offered during normal semester time. These courses will teach you basic words and phrases. Among other things, you will learn how to introduce yourself in German, interact with others and understand your first basic sentences. Upon completion of these courses, you will be able to write first simple sentences, and read and understand German. Please visit this page for more information.

Learn German during your studies:

At ISM, we offer also free additional language and hands-on courses within our StudyPlus program. In this program, you can also take German courses. All StudyPlus courses take place online and during the evening so you can combine them with your regular study program’s schedule. For more information on the exact schedule, please check your student portal (Moodle) or contact your local study office.


If you are enrolled in an English-language bachelor's program, language training will begin by teaching you a basic vocabulary – for example, the words and phrases you will need to greet and contact somebody. You will also be taught your first basic German grammar, the proper intonation and accentuation of words and you will build up a vocabulary for everyday topics like "getting around town" as well as business and economic terminology. When you graduate you will have reached level A1+ of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Students of an English-language master's program can optionally choose German as a foreign language. The course starts with a minimum of eight students. Here too, you will first build up a basic vocabulary, focusing on the words and expressions you need to introduce yourself and contact somebody as well as learning the first grammatical and phonetical rules. Other major topics covered include basic conversational German, for example about hobbies. You will also learn a number of basic business terms.

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Alexander Brewster
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Gloria Navajas
Head of Spanish Department
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Dr. Aleth Gaulon
Dr. Aleth Gaulon
Head of French Department
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Pascal Fannasch
Pascal Fannasch
Head of Italian and German Department
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