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On September 2019 the ISM established a campus in Berlin. The campus is located in the heart of Berlin Schöneberg and combines culture, cosmopolitanism and innovation. As the capital of Germany, Berlin is an important international business metropolis and political center. Therefore, the city is an attractive location for companies from all sectors.


ber·lin·ISM [bɛʁˈliːn ɪzəm]

    1. […] international, multicultural and fascinating capital of Germany [...] - university, locally anchored and at home in the world.
    2. Between start-ups, politics and international business - promoting innovation, recognizing options and not losing sight of the goal.
    3. Study in the heart of Berlin and feel at home at the ISM campus.

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Study programs available at the Berlin Campus

The focus of the university at campus Berlin is on international business classes, finance and international management. Just choose the subject area that rises your interest. You can find more information about the study programs offered in Berlin below.

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Degree obtained: Master of Business Administration in General Management

ISM Campus Berlin

Why study in Berlin?

Do you want to experience a real student city? Then welcome to Berlin! Over 190.000 students have chosen to study at a university in Berlin. This is where politics, business, start-ups and cultural diversity meet. Berlin is a city where there is always something going on and here you can party, discuss and dance around the clock.

There is actually something for everyone. From the modern high-tech ambience to the cozy flea and weekly market, festivals, culture and numerous sights are waiting to be discovered by you. You simply have to experience Berlin to understand this city.

Among the most important economic sectors in Berlin are tourism, the health industry and the information and communications industry. The city's transportation infrastructure is one of the most efficient in Europe.

ISM Campus Berlin

How to get to ISM Berlin Campus

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10827 Berlin

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