Financing Opportunities

Financing Opportunities - Logistics Master

Tuition fees

As a state-recognized, non-profit university the ISM is solely financed by tuition fees.

Per semester (EU/Non-EU) for all contracts signed until December 31, 2022 (3 semesters + 1 semester master thesis)

  • 6,280 Euro in Dortmund, Cologne, Stuttgart and Berlin
  • 6,480 Euro in Frankfurt/Main, Munich and Hamburg
  • 1,200 Euro Master thesis fee (due in 4. semester only)
  • Monthly payments are possible.

Per semester (EU/Non-EU) for all contracts signed after January 1, 2023 (4 semesters):

  • 5,700 Euro for all campuses
  • Master thesis fee already included in semester fee.
  • Monthly payments are possible.

Rabatt für neue Studierende

It pays off to be quick!

Early Bird Discount:

Save 1,500 Euro for the fall term by March 15th when you sign a contract!

Last Call Discount:

Save 500 Euro for the fall term by June 15th when you sign a contract!

You can find out everything you need to know from your study advisor.

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Enrollment fee

  • EU- & EWR-students: 600 Euro
  • Non-EU-students: 1,500 Euro

Admission fee

The admission fee applies to international applicants that have a foreign citizenship or applicants that have not obtained their degree in Germany. Upon acceptance of a degree course place at the ISM the applicant has to pay an admission fee (deposit) of 3,500 Euro. The admission fee will be deducted in full from the tuition fees for the first semester in the degree course. If the contract is not signed, we retain a processing fee of 500 Euro (plus admission test fee). The admission fee will be refunded in the event that the applicant proves that the visa application for a course of study at the ISM has been definitely rejected.


The ISM offers different grants and scholarships. You will find all financing opportunities in our financing brochure (PDF).


If you fulfill the requirements, you will receive an offer letter from us. Please sign this and if you are a foreign student (if you are not a German citizen or do not have a previous German educational qualification) you have to make a deposit to the university's bank account through Flywire. This deposit will be mentioned in the acceptance letter and will be deducted from your tuition. After you have paid the deposit, you will receive the letter of admission from the university and your tuition contract documents. You will need both for your visa application.

International payments

In order to simplify international payments, the ISM has established a cooperation with Flywire. This service can be used to pay the fees for the admission test, for example. Flywire takes care of the transfer along with calculating the currency difference (foreign currency to Euro). This is a simple and comfortable payment option to make your start at the ISM easier.

How to make a payment

  1. Enter your payment amounts and country of origin and click "Next".
  2. Select your preferred payment method from the options provided. Options may include bank transfer, debit/credit card in your home currency, electronic payment, or other local options.
  3. Enter your payer and student information to initiate your payment booking.
  4. Follow the instructions provided, based on your chosen payment method, to send funds to Flywire and complete your payment.
  5. Receive email and text status updates each step of the way, including a confirmation when your payment has been delivered to ISM. If you create a Flywire account, you can also track your payment by logging in at any time.

Do you have any questions about studying? Please contact us!

+49 151.41 97 68 03
Your questions will be answered weekdays (Mo.-Fr.) from 10 am to 3 pm (CET) or the latest the next working day.

Amanda Jelonek
Dortmund & Cologne Campus
Amanda Jelonek
+49 231.97 51 39-42
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Marie-Luise Wachowski
Frankfurt/Main & Stuttgart Campus
Marie-Luise Wachowski
+49 69.66 05 93 67-49
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Nina Weidemann
Munich Campus
Nina Weidemann
+49 89.2 00 03 50-42
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Katharina Bohm
Hamburg & Berlin Campus
Katharina Bohm
+49 30.3 15 19 35-101
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