Achieve international double qualification

At ISM, we believe in the importance of an international education. That's why foreign semesters at one of around 190 partner universities are an integral part of all our study programs.

The choice of universities at which students can spend their integrated foreign semester depends on their course of study. The number of international universities they can choose from varies according to their particular field of specialization. Bachelor's students can study at partner universities around the world. Students in a specialized master's program, meanwhile, have slightly less choice as there are fewer high quality international programs that offer the individual areas of specialization.

To guarantee the quality of the international tuition provided, the network of partner institutions is continuously maintained and extended. The number of partner universities offering high quality study programs has been increasing from year to year. Students are not the only ones who take part in exchanges - lecturers also change places. International guest lecturers contribute intercultural and international perspectives to the study programs on offer, while ISM lecturers share their expertise and experience with the partner universities. At the same time, they gather new insights from discussions with international students and thereby enrich the quality of the tuition at the ISM.

See the complete list of the ISM's partner universities (PDF).