Peter Zielonka

Peter Zielonka is in his fifth semester at B.A. International Management in Dortmund and is very interested in the consumer goods industry. That's why he specifically did an internship in this area. For four months, the 23-year-old gained exciting insights into everyday working life at Pepsi Lipton International in Geneva. Here, Zielonka worked in the global Human Resources team.

His projects in addition to everyday business included the development of a new newsletter and a social media project. "Unilever and PepsiCo are represented on LinkedIn, but many individual divisions are still not. That's why I developed this for Pepsi International and Unilever DACH," explains the 23-year-old. "I liked this job very much because I was able to travel to Hamburg and work with the Unilever team. I was also able to make interesting contacts."

The entire internship was very international. "The staff at headquarters came from ten different countries, so I spoke French, English and Spanish all the time. Through contact with people from different regions, I was able to really work globally during my internship." He felt very comfortable in this working atmosphere. "I was fully integrated into the team and was able to work independently. At Pepsi Lipton International in Geneva, Zielonka made such a good impression that he was offered another internship in the London office. "I accepted the offer and will start in London in January 2013."


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