Stefanie Hauber

After completing her studies, she went to her dream job: For Stefanie Hauber, her dream has become reality. The ISM graduate entered product marketing at Audi AG immediately after completing her Master's degree in Strategic Marketing Management. She is responsible for the Audi A8 series strategy and the creation of marketing concepts.

"Especially the many interfaces to other areas make my job incredibly exciting," reports Stefanie. "For me, my studies were a milestone in deepening my skills and expertise. I was able to apply this directly to my work and build up further expert knowledge".

The high proportion of practical experience and the specialist knowledge of the lecturers were decisive factors in their decision to study at ISM. In addition to the technical content, Stefanie also likes to look back on a different time: "An absolute highlight was the acceptance of my semester abroad at Hawaii Pacific University. The time there is one of my best memories of my studies".


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