Tobias Kaufmann and Jana Mlinski

More and more career starters are opting for a part-time Bachelor's degree, often even parallel to their training. Tobias Kaufmann and Jana Mlinski show what it means to study alongside work.

Every Friday Tobias Kaufmann leaves work on time at 12 noon. For the 21-year-old, however, this does not mean that the weekend starts. Rather, he sets off from Gronau to Cologne to attend lectures at the ISM. His fellow student Jana Mlinski has a similar situation. When her friends go to the cinema on Friday evenings, she sits in the university and swottles in business administration. Nevertheless - both do not regret the decision to study part-time.

Until recently, Kaufmann was even in the middle of his final exams for his vocational training as a bank clerk. "That was a double burden, but I know what I can achieve with this course and what doors it opens for me," says Kaufmann. "Besides, this exhausting time is over again.

Mlinski also works full-time. In addition to her studies, she has to work a 40-hour week as a financial accountant in an advertising agency. "I consciously decided to study part-time because I need a practical approach. Even if that means that I have to cut back on time in my spare time." Mlinski also has her goal in mind. She sees her professional future in a managerial position in the Controlling department. Mlinski receives a lot of recognition from her boss for her part-time studies. "He reacted very enthusiastically and admires me for my ambition," says the 23-year-old.

Mlinski and Kaufmann also receive support from their friends. "My friends understand that I don't have time because I have to learn," says Kaufmann. "My private life is still going on, but it has to be better planned now than it used to be." And Mlinski also manages the balancing act between work, study and leisure time. "If you have the will, the discipline and the motivation, the extra-occupational studies can be done well," says Mlinski. "One should only be aware beforehand that one has to set one's priorities a little differently.


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