Australia is perfect for students who enjoy travelling. At the other end of the world, exciting metropolises, diverse landscapes and a unique animal world await you. Nikolai Rublack studies Finance & Management at ISM and spends his semester abroad at Bond University in Australia. In addition, he can obtain a Master's degree here in record time and thus take off internationally.

Nikolai Rublack will spend twelve months studying in Australia. He will not only return with a Bachelor's degree from ISM, but also a Master's degree from the Australian university. This is made possible by the Global Track cooperation; in which he chose to study financial management at ISM. The seventh semester not only counts as a second semester abroad, but also as the first semester in the Master's programme at the Australian university. The finance student has opted for the cooperation programme with Bond University. The division of the academic year into trimesters at the Australian university enables him to complete his Master's degree in record time.

"There is still plenty of time to complete my impressions, but so far I am thrilled," says Nikolai Rublack about local life. "Although the study is connected with much expenditure, I go every day gladly to the Campus. Not only is it beautifully laid out, but it also offers all the amenities you could wish for".

With 4,800 Australian and 1,600 international students, Bond University is much larger than ISM, but courses for a maximum of 30 students allow for just as intensive supervision of lecturers as in financial studies at ISM. "In general, the interaction with each other is very relaxed. Lecturers are addressed by their first names and flip-flops are an integral part of the student look," he says. A large number of clubs for sports enthusiasts, musically gifted people, film lovers or bookworms also offer the opportunity to make contacts outside the lecture. "In general, Australians are very cordial people, you can quickly get into conversation everywhere and helpful tips are exchanged.

Bond University is located directly on the Gold Coast on the east coast of Australia. Cities like Brisbane and Sydney are easy to reach, beaches and national parks are not far away. In his spare time Nikolai tries to explore as much as possible of the country in addition to his financial management studies. "And of course I am taking a surf course, because the conditions here are really optimal."


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