Christian Kaminski

Knowing what you want and what you can do is the first step towards a successful career. Christian Kaminski has a feeling for numbers - and is interested in the fashion industry. After completing his studies at ISM 2011, he was looking specifically for entry opportunities in the commercial area of retail and lifestyle. He finally decided on the trainee programme at Peek & Cloppenburg*. After only four years with the company, he is now in charge of finance at Fashion ID GmbH & Co KG, the subsidiary of P&C*, which manages all the online activities of the fashion group.

Step by step, Christian Kaminski has expanded his area of responsibility at P&C* - apparently in the fast lane. His career at P&C* began with a trainee program, which gave him the opportunity to quickly gain an intensive overall impression of all areas of the company and at the same time make valuable contacts in various positions. This was followed by three years in central controlling in Düsseldorf, where he was particularly responsible for planning issues. "I think that I can quickly understand the interrelationships and thus maintain an overview even when dealing with complex topics. This gave me a lot of responsibility very early on and enabled me to present my results to the company management. This meant that I was noticed early on in the company and was certainly lucky at one time or another to be at the right place at the right time," says Christian Kaminski, explaining his rapid rise.

Today, at only 27, he is Head of Controlling at Fashion ID. In this function, he is responsible for strategic controlling, financial controlling and business intelligence. He is not only master of the numbers when it comes to business cases for growth projects, monthly accounts or cost controlling, he is also right in the middle of the highly competitive e-commerce market of the fashion industry. His tasks include the central administration and analysis of all Fashion ID data as well as web analysis, i.e. the measurement and analysis of all data that the company collects on its website via marketing channels and user behaviour.

"The e-commerce market is dominated by extremely financially strong companies. In order to survive here, you have to focus on your strengths and have staying power," is how the ISMAlumnus describes the biggest challenge in his job.

An extraordinary talent for numbers, strategies and analyses seems to be one side of his recipe for success - a high degree of enthusiasm the other.

"My interest in fashion has certainly been one of the reasons why I chose P&C* as my employer. Of course, this is not absolutely necessary for working with numbers. However, I am convinced that you can only achieve above-average results in your job if you identify with the product and the company".


* There are two independent companies Peek & Cloppenburg with their headquarters in Düsseldorf and Hamburg. This contribution refers to the Peek & Cloppenburg KG with seat in Duesseldorf, whose house locations you find under


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