The NMUN simulated conference brings together students from various campuses.

The ISM delegation had spent months preparing for this week: Keeping an eye on political developments around the world, researching strategic partners, looking for sponsors. Still the start of the National Model United Nations in New York City was a case of jumping in at the deep end for the twelve students.

“I was definitely in awe, since the first speeches set the bar very high and the experienced participants instantly picked up the pace,” explains Katharina Hausfelder from ISM Stuttgart, who represented her delegation in the UNICEF Committee. The team was busy preparing working papers, adding the finishing touches to speeches and looking for partners to share their interests from early in the morning until late at night. When summarizing her impressions, Katharina says: “Everyone plays a small role in a larger process but can still achieve so much – especially within a team.”

Thanks to a healthy amount of ambition, assertiveness and strategically clever decisions, the group succeeded in getting the interests of their country, Botswana, back on the agenda time and time again. In the end, the ISM delegation even received a certificate to honor their performance and team spirit. What remains are unique experiences, new friendships and the conclusion: Although I am doing something that is actually a little too big for me – I can still do it!