Kristina at an info event

Packing your bags and taking off to where others go on vacation. ISM graduate Kristina Paleafei has made it and gained a foothold in the USA. After gaining work experience as a content reviewer at Google, she now holds the position of Assistant Director of Admissions at ISM partner university Hawaii Pacific University.

Kristina knew early on that she wanted to pursue an international career. She saw more opportunities and possibilities outside of Germany. "Especially in the U.S., you're seen, promoted and can move up - even if you're young," says Kristina. "If you're good and the company sees potential in you, there's absolutely nothing stopping you from moving up, and sometimes you make career leaps in the first year."

She got to know and love Hawaii during her bachelor's studies at ISM. With the second, optional semester abroad in the Global Track, she fulfilled her dream of taking a trip to the US. After that, she stayed in the States. "What excites me about Hawaii is simply the overall package. I feel comfortable and very happy because I've made a life for myself here," says the former ISM student. "Of course, the weather plays a pretty big role. In addition, it's great to enjoy the nature. No matter where you look, you either see mountains, palm trees or the ocean. It's actually true that there is the Aloha Spirit. People are happy all around and they radiate that."

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