Robert Dettmer

My Name is Robert Dettmer and I am studying "International Transport & Logistics" at the International School of Management (ISM) in Frankfurt. In order to finish my studies, I am doing my master thesis in cooperation with the railway company DB Schenker Rail AG at the moment. Referring to my experiences it can be stated that the selection of the ISM for doing my Logistik Master was the perfect choice. During my studies I´ve gathered a lot of practical and important experiences in the field of the international Transport and Logistics. We´ve been a small group of about 11 people in our lectures.

So there was a lot of communication between the lecturers and the students, which helped to understand the several ranges of subjects quickly. All the lecturers have been very helpful and answered every question, even after the end of the lecture. In addition to that, their lectures have been highly innovative and practical. To all the students who haven’t decided yet, the ISM is the perfect choice for your logistic studies and you will get a great preparation for your future career entry.


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