Sophia Ganson

Since her youth, ISM student Sophia Ganson has been active in various social projects. After completing her bachelor's degree, she supported the Counselling Centre at the University of Ghana and also got involved in the "Pick a Shoe" initiative, which collects shoe donations and uses proceeds from shoe sales to support orphanages. Sophia has now been awarded the prize of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The prize is endowed with 1,000 euros and is awarded every year to particularly committed international students who, in addition to outstanding academic achievements, also show social commitment.

ISM lecturer Prof. Dr. André Reichel already noticed Sophia's interest in social change during her first seminars in the Master’s program International Management: "I can still remember how we talked about the importance of ethics in the workplace in class. Sophia always had an immediate grasp of the applicability, of the question, 'What can we do with this in reality?' We had great discussions in the group."

This practical relevance was also very important to Sophia when choosing a university. During her time at the Stuttgart campus, she also particularly appreciated the campus team. "I received so much kindness from the staff and lecturers. Quite a number of people went out of their way to help me.” Her time as a student in Germany ultimately gave Sophia her latest project idea: a networking group for international students, where they can share experiences and tips.

Sophias’s tip for others who also want to get involved socially, is to start with small steps: "Find a cause you can identify with and contribute in any small way that you can. Identifying with the cause ensures your commitment to it and the small contributions add up and make a huge difference.”

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