Jasmin Mertens

Jasmin Mertens studied Master in Management in Dortmund and spent a semester abroad in South Korea. "The stay at Kyung Hee University was a very positive experience for me - although I had to get used to it for the first time. The Koreans are rather shy at first, which is why it took a while to get to know each other. In the end, however, I got along just fine."

The atmosphere at the ISM partner university was very international due to many exchange students. "I had four subjects and thus the usual amount of work, which Koreans also have to cope with. High workloads, night shifts in the library and a lot of group work are not uncommon in Korea". Back in Dortmund, she benefits from the experience she gained during her semester abroad. "With each stay in different cultures one becomes more open. No matter where you go afterwards - attitudes have changed and many things are viewed with greater foresight".


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