Semester abroad in London

London has over 150 rainy days per year on average,but that didn't stop Caroline Schumacher from deciding to spend a semester abroad in the city on the Thames. For the 23-year-old, who completed her logistics master's degree at the ISM in Frankfurt/Main, the courses offered by the London Metropolitan University were decisive. Here Schumacher was able to study Aviation Management and specialize in aviation. The ISM student then wrote her Logistics Master Thesis at Lufthansa Cargo AG.

The study at the university with campuses in the heart of the city and in the district Islington is similar to the study at the ISM in many points. The lecturers come from industry and impart practice-related specialist knowledge. Here, too, learning takes place in small courses in order to facilitate intensive cooperation. Carolin Schumacher definitely enjoyed the months in London. She was able to perfect her English and prove it in a multicultural city. At the same time, day after day Schumacher experienced the hectic pace of a city that never rests.


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