Enrique Alaniz Celis with Tina Fink from ISM International Office

The ISM had provided two more international students with a scholarship. One of them was Enrique Alaniz Celis from Mexico City. He studied one semester at ISM Munich.

“I wanted to learn the language, meet people and experience the culture because Germany is full of a lot of history,” he said. “I chose ISM as it is well-known for its academic excellence and experience. I believed that the opportunity of an academic exchange could favor the strengthening of my skills and my personality. Therefore, I officially applied for ISM, which I considered as one of the best Business Schools in Germany.”

Enrique Alaniz Celis took German lessons and was eager to broaden his horizon. “For me it meant a goal that I had achieved because I consider myself as a very competitive and open-minded student. Further, I was very curious and attentive in learning new horizons and perspectives of views. So this scholarship was important to me because I reacheded my objectives at the same time and I had a background that supported me.”