Hybrid classes in spring term

While it is still unsure how the coronavirus will affect university life in 2021, ISM offers solutions for international first-semester students to take up their classes this spring term either way. In our English-language study programs B.Sc. International Management, B.Sc. Finance & Management, B.Sc. Information Systems and M.A. International Business, courses will be held as hybrid classes, with on-campus lectures being transmitted online for students unable to enter the country due to entry restrictions or visa problems. This ensures a timely start of studies and allows for a smooth transition to on-campus lectures later on.

Students looking to start their Business Preparation Program or are joining ISM for the International Business Certificate, please get in touch with our International Office for information on online and on-campus options.

If you have any further questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact ISM’s respective service departments. Our campus teams including study advisors and Career Center are available as usual and are happy to help you.