Lena Nagel

Lena Nagel decided to spend a semester abroad at the USB Stellenbosch in Cape Town mainly due to academic reasons. "The university has an excellent reputation and is one of the two top business schools in South Africa. In addition the country attracted me greatly, says Lena Nagel, which graduates at the ISM Dortmund the marketing master. The studies at USB Stellenbosch were very demanding. "The lecturers were very helpful, but also had high expectations. But studying was a lot of fun.

In addition, the atmosphere was very nice and of course it is something else to read a textbook in the sun by the sea than in grey Germany," smiles Lena Nagel. In her luggage back to Germany, the 26-year-old had a lot of positive impressions. "I studied at the USB Stellenbosch in the MBA program, I took a lot of that with me. And now I'm going around the world more openly, I've definitely learned that in Africa, too."


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