Daniel Müller is just back from London, where he opened the 48th Motel One hotel. Further openings are planned for the 36-year-old in 2015. Vienna, Amsterdam, Zurich, Manchester, Barcelona, Warsaw – hotels are currently being set up in a number of major European cities.

"The idea of entering the hotel sector had always been at the back of my mind, especially as my father also works in the hotel industry," explains Daniel Müller. "But I only became really serious about it after completing a work placement during my time at ISM." He spent three months gaining real workplace experience at the Novotel Hammersmith in London. "There was always something going on, lots of people from around the world, great events. It was, so to speak, the start of my hotel career."

After graduating in International Business Administration, Daniel initially completed a traineeship at a private golf resort on Lake Chiemsee, Germany. This also included: making beds, polishing cutlery, filling minibars. He subsequently started working for Accor Hotels, at first in the controlling and then in the sales department. Even though his father is the founder and managing director of Motel One, Daniel consciously decided to start working for a different hotel group. "Accor is a multi-brand group, from luxury 5 star hotels to budget accommodation, and it’s represented internationally in all the attractive markets. I was able to learn so much at that company and the experiences I gained there have been invaluable at Motel One."

Daniel Müller has been employed at Motel One since 2007. After managing a new hotel at Bahnhof Zoo in Berlin for three years, he has since been promoted to operational managing director of the hotel chain. "I can't think of any better job," says the German businessman. "I get great pleasure from my work, be it encountering guests and employees or helping Motel One to grow." Any initial disagreements with his father have long since been forgotten. "I had to define my position and my own identity," the former ISM student explains. "In the meantime, I really enjoy working with my father. We have different areas of responsibility, but basic strategic decisions are taken together."

At the moment there are a lot of decisions that need to be made. Continued expansion of the family business is essential. "I can't help but see parallels to ISM and its development of new campuses and the rising number of students," says Daniel Müller. "It's important that you continue to focus on people and quality and to live up to your own expectations."

"The high level of practical work in the courses at ISM was extremely helpful. It definitely allowed me to realise what I wanted relatively quickly and helped me cope with the real world of work."