Through a blend of lectures and excursions, the MBA students dealt with cultural differences during the overseas module.

Business meetings around the globe are all part and parcel of the job for many MBA students. As part of their courses at ISM, they learn, both in theory and in practice, how to establish and maintain international business relationships. During the overseas module in India, the group had the opportunity to experience a country full of contrasts and used the time to discuss their experiences.

The MBA students from Dortmund were already familiar with the concepts of Kaizen or Kanban thanks to their course work, and the overseas module allowed them to discover how they are applied in international companies. In the lectures at the Indian Institute of Management Indore, they dealt intensively with the topic of ‘doing business in India’ and the cultural differences between Germany and India. During an excursion to the Indian car maker ‘Force Motors’, they experienced first-hand how different production steps and workplace equipment can be implemented.

“The overseas modules are definitely a key part of the MBA program,” explains Lukas Eiben. “We’ve discussed cultural differences a lot during the course, but you only really become aware of them when you’re involved in the practical side of things.” The ISM students also benefited from an intensive exchange of information and ideas among themselves and with their Indian professors. A large part of the group stayed in India longer to travel or to attend business meetings. Lukas Eiben: “The country’s allure is undeniable. Be it architecture, food or encounters with the people there – the overseas module in India was an incredibly intense and interesting experience.”