The Rimini campus is not far from the Adriatic Sea.

In the future, ISM students on the fashion management courses B.A. Global Brand & Fashion Management and M.A. Luxury, Fashion & Sales Management will be able to spend a semester abroad at Europe’s oldest university. By adding the University of Bologna to its list of partner universities, ISM continues to extend its international university network. ISM cooperates with the respective School of Arts, Humanities and Cultural Heritage at the Rimini campus. The Italian university will be open to ISM students from summer semester 2019 onwards.

Four ISM students from both the bachelor and master’s course will have the opportunity to study in English at the Rimini campus. The bachelor’s programme Fashion Cultures and Techniques focuses on art, history and social sciences. While the master’s programme Fashion Culture and Management allows students to specialise in the fields of fashion culture, fashion management and fashion trends.

The public university, whose main campus is situated in Bologna, was founded in 1088. Further campuses can be found in Cesena, Forli, Ravenna and Rimini. The University of Bologna has been a central part of the historic city centre for over nine hundred years and manages to blend business skills, culture, city history and institutions. Over 85,000 students, including more than 5,000 from overseas, study at the five campuses. This number is boosted each year by roughly 2,600 exchange students. The university operates a total of eleven schools and thirty-three departments.