Franziska at a beach in Portugal

Once you've gotten to know and love a country, a semester abroad is your chance to spend some time there and immerse yourself completely in the culture. Finance student Franziska took advantage of it - in Lisbon. She discovered her love for the Portuguese capital when she visited her friends there during her semester abroad. "Their experiences were consistently positive, and I especially liked the way of life," she says. "The good weather invites you to do a lot of things outdoors."
Franziska therefore used her semester abroad extensively to explore popular places as well as hidden gems in and around Lisbon with her roommates and new friends. She was not only able to make friends across the globe, but also with ISM students from other locations. Since the ISM semester abroad is firmly integrated into the study program and the university has long-standing relationships with partner universities, there is a good chance that you will meet ISM students from all seven German campuses. "It felt like an ISM family in the middle of a foreign country - that really enriched my semester abroad," says the Frankfurt student. "Back in Germany, it's a little easier to keep in touch with ISM students - the wonderful shared experiences from the semester abroad remain a unique common ground from past study days."
Speaking of studying abroad, ISM not only offers an integrated semester abroad, but also an additional optional one. Find out more at

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