Ashwini Bhagodia wants to stay in Germany after her degree and work with innovation in the field of logistics.

Ashwini Bhagodia is one of 225 degree-seeking international students at ISM Frankfurt. Germany was her first choice for her master’s degree and after moving from India to Frankfurt to study International Logistics & Supply Chain Management at ISM, she is more than happy with her decision. „Germany is very different compared to India, especially regarding the weather and population density“, explains Ashwini. „In the beginning it wasn’t easy, but with time you meet new people, get acquainted with the procedures and peculiarities here and find yourself becoming one with it. You don’t have to be fluent in German to get by and Germany is undoubtedly very beautiful, so you can have an amazing scenic experience along with your education.“

Ashwini particularly appreciates the support from the International Office and her professors at ISM. Her favorite aspect of ISM, however, is the internationality: „It’s such a wide range of students from all different cultures under one roof here. It’s fascinating to learn about different perspectives and I believe that, besides the excellent lectures, this is preparing me perfectly for working in an international environment.“