Whether you opt for a full-time or part-time MBA at ISM, modules abroad are an integral part of the international study experience. In the full-time MBA, that can be studied at ISM Munich and Berlin, students spend one week at the IQS university in Barcelona. Han (Janghan Ryu) from ISM Munich looks back with us on the study trip to Spain.

Han, what did you experience during the module abroad?

The module included various practical marketing activities such as neuroscience marketing, strategic planning for Barcelona port, case studies of retail marketing and more. Under this diverse curriculum, we did not only approach various marketing cases but also had trips to a pharma company and Barcelona port. In addition, it was a great opportunity to make new friends at IQS.

What was your highlight?
Conducting an experiment on neuromarketing to analyze the user's internal feelings. I participated in the test watching different genres of music videos and the tool reflected my emotions, whether positive or negative. It was a completely new experience for me.

What new things have you learned?
I already have several years of experience as a marketing manager. However, my marketing career was focused on the IT industry—acquiring new users and retaining existing ones. Through this module, I expanded my insight into the marketing field from retail to medical, that will be very helpful in the future.

Why is internationality in your studies important to you?
Understanding my customers, partners and colleagues is the key to achieve certain performance goals. However, many people still don't understand how individuals differ based on their international backgrounds. For example, Japanese people do not tend to show their emotions while Spanish people are very open with their feelings. According to these specific characteristics their needs are different and their purchasing patterns and working habits are distinct. In this context, studying internationally leads to a better understanding of cultural differences worldwide and allows us to see through various international issues.

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