Student Team at the Fair Trade Competition

For the second year in a row, students from the Master's program Strategic Marketing Management have won the university competition "Hamburg! Handelt! Fair!". In the project, the students worked together with the organic bakery Springer and investigated the potential that the introduction of fair trade baking ingredients, such as cinnamon, cocoa or pepper, would have for the company. The team conducted a market analysis and surveyed customers on this topic. And indeed, the surveyed customers were up to 60 percent more likely to buy Springer products if fair trade products were introduced.

In addition, the students developed a marketing concept for the organic bakery's new focus on fair trade. "The whole project surprised us in a thoroughly positive way, both the cooperation and the results were really incredible," says a delighted Managing Director Carl Springer.

ISM professor Dr. Nicole Fabisch was also impressed by the performance of the student team: "The students worked professionally and took the consultant role very seriously. It was great to see how they grew together as a team and that they showed so much commitment for a good cause. A project like this is the perfect preparation for a career in strategic marketing."

The winning team consists of Strategic Marketing Management students Valérie Bleckmann, Lilly Jung, Julius Klingelhöfer, Caroline Krug, Lena Marie Lüttich, Laura Riehs, Catharina Schön and Tom Zander.

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