Switching from classroom to construction site:  At Homburger Damm, ISM students learned about the realization of the large-scale project.

Every two seconds an Airbus A320 takes off or lands somewhere in the world. The Airbus production site in Hamburg is one of the factors making it possible – and one of the excursion destinations of the International Logistics & Supply Chain Management students. From processing single aircraft parts to assembling seats in the plane, the ISM students experienced every step of construction in the gigantic assembly halls. „It’s important to gain these insights into the daily business of our subjects like Suppy Chain Management or Aviation Management,“ explains program director Prof. Dr. Anna Quitt. „Our students got to experience the relevance of theoretical concepts on-site, which are especially important in the highly sensitive aerospace industry.“

ISM’s logistics students from Frankfurt also toured their city: They discovered how the contents of their studies are put into practice both above the clouds and very down to earth while visiting Frankfurt Airport, Deutsche Post and the construction site at „Homburger Damm“. The site is subject to Deutsche Bahn’s rail network expansion. Equipped with sturdy footwear and safety vests, they got to know all about the project plans on paper and their execution on the tracks.