University Ranking Management Studium in Germany

One of the best business schools in Germany

In the latest CHE Ranking published in May 2017, ISM, with its head office in Dortmund, scored top marks in key areas of the survey. ISM ranked as a top university in the categories ‘overall study situation’, ‘contact with real situations during bachelor’s courses’, ‘academic program’, ‘support and assistance for new students’ and ‘support and assistance for studying abroad’. ISM Dortmund was the only private German business school featured in the rankings top group in Germany. In comparison with universities of applied science throughout Germany, ISM is rated the second best.

The locations in Frankfurt, Munich and Cologne also performed well in these categories. Unfortunately, the locations in Hamburg and Stuttgart were not evaluated in all areas as too few students participated in the survey. However, both reached the top group in “work experience contacts bachelor" and "support at the beginning of studies". In the comparison to other private universities in Germany these ISM locations are ranked top in these categories.

The bachelor’s and master’s courses are ranked excellent for quality of studying, with students viewing the harmonious design of the academic program and the opportunities to participate in (optional) events as ideal. Integrated semesters abroad, international students, experienced academics and foreign language lectures provide students with the necessary work and social skills to meet the requirements of the global business world.

Students also rated the ‘support and assistance during the course’ (e.g. through networking or mentoring systems), ‘rooms’ and ‘examinations’ at ISM as excellent. The ‘support and assistance provided by academics’, in particular, was considered very good.

The extensive results were published in the ZEIT Study Guide and can be viewed online. Besides facts about the study program, teaching and equipment, the ranking includes verdicts by students on the study conditions at their university.

The CHE-rating is based on the German school system (for example, 1.0 is the best).



The trendence ranking surveys undergraduate students from 112 universities who are close to finishing their courses. Besides the quality of teaching, the main emphasis of the trendence Graduate Barometer is placed on international focus, practical relevance and student support.

German Council of Science and Humanities

The German Council of Science and Humanities congratulated ISM on its sound financial management, the high practical content of its courses and its diverse international network. The Council acknowledged, in particular, the quality assurance framework set out by ISM's executive board and its pursuit of academic excellence and its ability to ensure continuity of teaching. ISM has successfully positioned itself in the marketplace with an increasingly strong student base which ensures the high-quality of teaching and management at the now six campuses.


Each year, the WirtschaftsWoche ranking questions HR professionals from some 7,000 companies about the quality of university graduates. Roughly 70% of those surveyed work in companies with a workforce of more than 1,000 people, about 25% have between 100 and 1,000 employees, while all the others come from small and medium-sized companies. The ranking represents almost every sector: from banks and consultants to auditors. The WirtschaftsWoche ranking specifically focuses on practical relevance – because, at the end of the day, it is HR professionals who decide which graduates to hire from which university.

Universum graduate survey

This Europe-wide survey of university graduates asks alumni about their courses, career ambitions and abilities.