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Corporate Mission



We will become one of Germany's top business schools in terms of internationalization and industry outreach.



Applied ISM education inspires our students to assume management responsibility in a global business environment.



  • Cultivate outstanding young professionals
  • Enhance applied research and promote young researchers
  • Foster the regional integration and transregional reputation of ISM
  • Foster the international reach of ISM as one of our core competencies
  • Continuously develop our teaching, research and administration capacities to ensure quality

State recognition

ISM International School of Management is a private university of applied sciences that has been awarded unlimited state recognition by the Ministry of Innovation, Higher Education and Research of North Rhine-Westphalia. Therefore, the study degrees awarded through ISM are equivalent to study degrees of public universities.

ISM Akkreditierung durch den WR

Accreditation through the German Council of Science and Humanities

The German Council of Science and Humanities is an important advisory body consisting of scientists, administrators of the federal government and the German states as well as other persons of high public standing. It counsels the federal government and the governments of the federal states on central issues concerning the German science system and conducts institutional accreditations of non state-run universities. Institutional accreditation is a quality assurance process through that the German Council of Science and Humanities determines whether a non-state higher education institution is capable to provide teaching and research in accordance with established scientific and academic standards. In June 2004, as first private university in North Rhine-Westphalia and second in Germany the ISM received a 10-year accreditation from the German Council of Science and Humanities. In June 2016, ISM has been awarded re-accreditation for a further period of ten years. ISM is therefore the first private business school in Germany to receive ten-year accreditation twice in succession.

Akkreditierungsrat Logo

Quality seal of the Accreditation Council

To ensure the quality and comparability of bachelor’s and master’s programs across Germany, the German federal states have established an accreditation system for study programs and put it under the operational control of the Accreditation Council. As part of program accreditation, a review panel assesses among other things the learning outcomes, the feasibility of the study course, the examination system and the conditions in respect to infrastructure, staffing and equipment at the higher education institution. All study programs of the ISM have successfully gone through this accreditation process and bear the quality seal of the Accreditation Council.


Quality seal of the FIBAA

Additionally, the study programs of the ISM bear the quality seal of the FIBAA. They thus also fulfill the stricter requirements of the FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) that put special emphasis on internationality, employability, practical economic relevance and service orientation. The study programs of ISM repeatedly exceed the quality requirements for the counseling for prospective students, practical business experience of faculty, student support by the faculty and administrative support for students and faculty.