Alexander Scherer

"If someone had asked me how high the probability was that I would ever meet a president to talk to him personally about the future of Europe, I would have just smiledpolitely. However this Monday it is the case and what seemed almost impossible is true."

International Management student Alexander Scherer is working at the Campus Symposium alongside his Master's degree. The international business conference has been organized by students since 2005, and they have succeeded time and again in engaging renowned personalities such as Bill Clinton, Kofi Annan, Al Gore, Gerhard Schröder, Condoleezza Rice, Bob Geldof and many more for lectures in the tent city of the Campus Symposium. ISM has been the official university partner since 2015.


Alexander Scherer reports about his work at the symposium and one of the most exciting days in his life: "As a team member you develop many ideas about possible topics, speakers, interesting combinations, main topics and many other aspects in cooperation with the other students. Planning for 2016 began more than a year ago. We asked ourselves what the term "values" meant. Values are on the one hand hard factors based on numbers and on the other hand soft aspects that characterize living together in an increasingly international world. The European Union as we know it allows people to move freely and enjoy the full benefits of intercultural exchange. However, a number of reports in recent weeks and months suggest, in my view, a change in thinking within Europe. After many reflections on the content and a few hours of discussion, it was clear to the team that a discussion on the future of Europe would be an interesting aspect. As organizers, we wanted to do everything we could to facilitate such a debate on the symposium stage.


So on this Monday morning I am sitting on the plane to Prague with former President Václav Klaus. I go through our research again in my thoughts and formulate the questions I would like to ask him. I literally have butterflies in my stomach. Having arrived in Prague, my excitement is almost immeasurable on the way to the Václav Klaus Institute, where I will meet him personally. At that moment I realized once again that I would be shaking hands with an ex head of state. The conversation quickly developed into a very pleasant and uncomplicated exchange. His assessments of the future of Europe and his opinion of what Europe will look like in a few years' time were astonishing and very direct. Our research had already shown in advance that he takes a critical view of developments in Europe. But the fact that he does not see a future for Europe in its present form was surprisingly clear.


In the days that followed, the Campus Symposium team dealt intensively with Klaus' statements and views. It is very important for us to consider critical voices and to clarify their views. However after long considerations and many doubts, we decided to refrain from an obligation of Klaus. Our research and many thoughts about the person and the statements have confirmed that our decision is correct. However, this also means that we would have to look for another speaker. We have again collected, researched and discussed ideas". Like Alexander Scherer, ISM students can actively participate in the Campus Symposium and experience the fascination of a large business conference for themselves. Do you have questions or want to be part of the team? Then please contact Alexander Scherer directly: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.


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