ISM students from M.A. Luxury, Fashion & Sales Management

The world-famous sporting goods manufacturer Puma is one of the top 100 employers in Germany. ISM students from M.A. Luxury, Fashion & Sales Management have experienced what the company is doing in the area of employer branding to inspire young talents for itself with exclusive impressions behind the scenes at the headquarters in Herzogenaurach.

The team of fashion management students from Hamburg and Cologne spent three days in the small town in central Franconia together with course director Prof. Dr. Christiane Beyerhaus and university lecturer Prof. Dr. Audrey Mehn. They were given an overview of Puma's personnel management - from employer branding to workshops on recruitment and training strategies. The actual highlight was the cooking evening with the ISM students and the entire HR team of Puma. "That was really nice, because it gave us the opportunity to ask all our questions and to exchange some personal words", reports ISM student Ines Schmitz.

The days at Puma were an informative excursion for her and her fellow students. "For me, Adidas or Nike were more likely to be present as potential employers in the sporting goods industry. But the insight into the working culture at Puma has completely changed that," explains Schmitz. With regard to her studies, the 23-year-old also took a lot with her. "It was interesting to see how concepts and theories are put into practice. In some months the students can report very closely, how it is now actually to work with Puma - because the first practical course contracts were already locked.


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