For Adrian Nils Volz, his internship abroad in Shanghai was a high point. Commerzbank has a branch on the 37th floor of the World Financial Center in the new economic and high-tech district of Pudong. It mainly serves corporate customers from Germany and China.

"First of all, I wanted to understand the basic structure of an internationally active company," says Volz, explaining his choice of internship. The 22-year-old is studying for a Bachelor's degree in Finance at ISM Frankfurt/Main. He is not only interested in the international banking business, but also in the Asian market. During his three-month internship in the Asian mega metropolis, the ISM student was able to get to know Sales Management better. The branch in Shanghai serves German customers who already have a subsidiary in China or are planning to gain a foothold in the region. On the other hand, Chinese customer contacts are also cultivated, who are interested in doing business with Germany. Loan financing, currency and forward transactions and the provision of accounts were part of everyday business. "My tasks were very versatile and varied," says Volz enthusiastically. "They ranged from analyses of the Asian markets to compiling customer lists and preparing presentations for the Board of Management. Demanding tasks but also the opportunity to get to know the cultural area better make Adrian Volz completely satisfied with the choice of his internship. "Although I have already visited China and Shanghai several times, China with its customs and traditions, which are sometimes foreign to us, remains very foreign to me, but this is precisely why I am fascinated by the country, the people and the culture.


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