Jie Zhou

At just 19 years old, Jie Zhou made a big decision: She moved thousands of miles away from her home country of China to Germany to study at ISM. "I wanted to explore the world and step out of my comfort zone. There is no more exciting privilege in life than discovering new places, meeting new people and simply surrounding yourself with traditions and cultures that are completely different from your own," Jie explains. However, the new impressions also took some getting used to at first: "I can still remember arriving at Frankfurt Airport. The feeling was just overwhelming when all the people around me suddenly started speaking German. Fortunately, ISM has done its best to make the transition period in Germany easier for international students, for example through the support of the International Office or the buddy program, which connects first-year students with fellow students from higher semesters."

For Jie, feeling at home in her new study city of Frankfurt was the starting point for an exciting study period that she looks back on fondly shortly before graduation. "From 0 to 100, I studied at three universities during the last three years, completed two internships in different countries and traveled to 15 cities in five countries," the International Management student reports. "My studies have helped me broaden my horizon, also professionally. I always thought I would work in finance one day. But now I've decided to join a fashion company in the field of project management."

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