Marlin Yücevardar

Combing through literature, drafting research questions, analyzing statistics - the final thesis is another opportunity to show what you've got. In 2020, seven ISM students received the Best Thesis Award for their innovative theses. They were able to enjoy cash prizes and discounts for an ISM master's degree or doctorate.

Degree of innovation, theory-practice relation, empiricism, style and suitability for publication - Marlin Yücevardar's thesis convinced the reviewers in all points and so the student from Frankfurt could secure the first place among the bachelor theses. In her thesis, she examined the connection between resources and stress among clinicians. This occupational group is of particular interest to Marlin because it is frequently affected by burnout or other forms of exhaustion. Her work has been all about asking why that is and whether there are health-promoting resources that can protect against chronic stress. "I wouldn't have guessed it before writing my thesis, but what motivated me the most was the topic itself. Also, one of my fellow student was writing her thesis at the same time, so we were of great help to each other," Marlin says. How things will continue after her bachelor's degree at ISM is already decided: "After my semester abroad, during which I only attended lectures in psychology, it was clear to me that I wanted to do my master's in the field of organizational psychology. The corresponding study program at ISM builds on my bachelor's degree and therefore offers the ideal complement to my previous knowledge. I also really appreciated the small groups and didn't want to miss out on the interactive nature of the lectures."

The award winners also include Maximilian Hans Hopf, Kilian Peer Mynarek, Jessica Natalie Vollmer, Mijka Ghorbani, Louisa Heiduk and Paul Kunitz.