After her bachelor’s course in International Management at ISM Munich, Nadia Haarhoff relocated to Hong Kong. The 23-year-old works for BASF’s Global Business Management for Formulation Additives – i.e. additives for paints and coatings. "I develop the global marketing of our six product groups. My team and I create, for instance, brochures and are responsible for the design of the brand," explains Nadia. Moreover, she is also concerned with the realisation of new ideas – including, for example, redesigning the trade fair stand.

All that said, the ISM graduate previously had nothing to do with chemistry. "The initial challenge of the job for me was to understand the products for which I was ultimately responsible. Furthermore, I was expected to breathe new life into an array of products, such as defoamers or surface modifiers. However, it is fascinating to see how creative marketing can produce an emotional result even in a somewhat unemotional, matter-of-fact industry – an exciting process!"