"A key component of the MBA programme for me was the individual coaching. Analysing potentials and talking to coaches helped me to recognise my strengths and weaknesses, and what I need to do to overcome them. This experience was invaluable and enriched my personal development."

Nadine Roszewicz works in a CRM project in the area of key account management/sales for Schenker AG in Essen. She was already employed by the company before her MBA course, but had a different position in project management IT. She chose MBA General Management specifically to gain an insight into various areas of a company, such as strategy, marketing, finances and human resources, and to have a broader range of skills for her further professional development.

She was impressed with the course structure and the content of the modules. No other university provided her with a block release system of study. Looking back, the concept suited her needs very well, as she was able to concentrate fully on her course during the block release weeks. "MBA General Management was very rewarding for me both personally and professionally. The stays overseas and the international professors ensure cross-cultural perspectives are integrated into the programme's learning activities. Further, there were a number of opportunities to make new professional contacts and widen your network."

The course also helped her secure a new position within the company and prepared her for the additional work and responsibilities. "Thanks to the business cases, intensive teamwork and networking, I am well equipped for the challenges ahead."

She would advise future students to be completely honest with their employers in advance about the study plan, as they will have to accept your double workload, and to focus fully on the course during the block release weeks and excursions.