Nadine Roszewicz

"An important part of the MBA program for me was individual coaching. The potential analysis and the discussions with the coach helped me to recognize my strengths and weaknesses and to work on them in a targeted way. This experience has greatly enriched me and encouraged my personal development".

Nadine Roszewicz works in a CRM project for the Key Account Management/Sales department at Schenker AG in Essen. She already worked for the company before completing her MBA, but held another position in project management IT. She deliberately chose the MBA General Management in order to gain an insight into the various areas of the company such as strategy, marketing, finance and human resources and thus to be even more broadly positioned for her further professional development.

The program convinced her not only with its comprehensive contents, but also with the course of studies. She could not find the system of studying in block weeks at any other university. In retrospect, the concept was very helpful to her, as she was always able to fully engage with her studies during the block weeks.

"The MBA General Management was a great professional and personal enrichment for me. The stays abroad and the international professors have allowed different cultural perspectives to flow into the programme. Beyond that there were many possibilities to extend its network by important contacts”.

Her studies also helped her to change jobs in the company and prepared her for the new tasks in sales. "Thanks to the business cases, intensive teamwork and networking, I am very well prepared for all the challenges that lie ahead.

She would advise future students to include the employer in their planning in advance in order to increase acceptance of the double burden and to be able to concentrate fully on their studies during the block weeks and excursions.


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