MBA students in Hong Kong

Between high-tech and hectic pace, Dortmund MBA students explored the Chinese metropolis of Hong Kong. While the ISM students strolled through the narrow streets along the markets, they marveled at the many glass skyscrapers. "I haven't seen a comparable city yet," says MBA student Alexander Heinze. "It was madness: everyone there has a smartphone, even older people. Someone who is bothered by the fact that other people spend too much time on their cell phones should definitely not travel to Hong Kong."

In the city of contrasts, apart from sightseeing, there were many lectures at Hong Kong Polytech University (PolyU) for MBA students on the agenda. During their time there, they also explored the IT and media group Bloomberg and the Chinese trading house Li & Fung. "The visits were very interesting and made it clear how different the two corporate cultures are" says Alexander.

However, the participants were not completely on their own in the megacity. The International Office of the ISM was always available to answer students' questions about their stay abroad. The contacts were also able to help with visa and hotel recommendations so that the students could concentrate fully on their program.


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